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S3 RS3 8V.5 style car grille with ACC lower frame emblem for Audi A3 S3 2017-2019 front bumper grille

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Popular modification to upgrade Audi A3/S3 8V.5 Grille to 2017-2019 RS3 Grille, including ACC holes, enhances the appearance and function of your car. The RS3 grille is specially designed for the A3/S3 8V.5 model, and it provides black, silver, chrome, carbon fiber and other finishes, allowing car owners to personalize their car according to their desired style.

The RS3 grille with ACC holes has been specifically designed to accommodate the ACC function, ensuring seamless integration and retaining the functionality of this advanced driver assistance system. Strategically placed ACC holes in the grille provide unobstructed passage for the ACC sensor, allowing it to operate without interference.

There are a variety of finish options to choose from to suit different preferences. The black finish creates a sleek and stealthy look, adding a touch of aggression to the front end of the vehicle. Silver and chrome finishes create a classic yet sophisticated look, with a clean, polished look that complements the vehicle’s styling. On the other hand, the carbon fiber finish adds high performance and a modern aesthetic, giving the vehicle a unique sporty appeal.

The RS3 grille upgrade not only enhances the visual appeal of the Audi A3/S3 8V.5, it also provides functional advantages. The hexagonal mesh pattern in the grille not only adds a sporty and aggressive look, but also improves airflow in the engine bay. This improved airflow contributes to better cooling, especially in demanding driving conditions, resulting in improved engine performance and service life.

Installing an RS3 grille upgrade is usually simple. This grill is designed to be a direct replacement for the original factory grill, ensuring proper fit and alignment. It usually comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions, making the installation process relatively simple for most users. However, if you are unsure or dissatisfied with the installation, it is recommended to seek professional help to ensure a correct and secure setup.

When fitted, the RS3 grille immediately transforms the front end of the Audi A3/S3 8V.5, providing a more aggressive and sporty look. The hexagonal mesh pattern combined with the chosen finish creates a cohesive and striking appearance that differentiates the vehicle from the regular version. The updated grille enhances the vehicle’s overall appearance, showcasing new levels of style and performance.

To sum up, upgrading Audi A3/S3 8V.5 grille to RS3 grille with ACC holes is an ideal modification for car owners who want to enhance the appearance and function of the vehicle. With finish options such as black, silver, chrome and carbon fiber, owners can choose the one that best suits their personal style. The RS3 grille upgrade not only enhances the vehicle’s aesthetics, but also improves airflow and preserves the functionality of the ACC system.

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