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  • Company Profile

    Company Profile

    Chengdu Yichen Trading Co., Ltd. is one of the leading exporters of Audi automotive parts in China. We provide upgraded components for Audi car parts dealers in various countries.

  • Our Bussiness

    Our Bussiness

    We have nearly 5000 products, including car grills, car bumpers, side skirts, fog lights grille, mirror cover, body kit, headlights, tail lights, Rear spoiler, wheel rim, Carbon fiber trim, carplay, Elevating horn, Lever cover, mirror lens,Steering wheel,All upgraded products related to Audi,For many years, our products are exported to all parts of the world, especially in the United States, Canada and Australia,Romania, UK, France, Poland, Denmark, Italy, Mexico,Countries such as the Netherlands have good market feedback.

  • Our Factory

    Our Factory

    We have a warehouse in California, USA and we have close cooperation with major enterprises and online stores in North America, with fast delivery and high quality service.

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    We are a participant in Autotuning Expo, specializing in Audi exterior enhancements. Join us at the show and discover our top-of-the-range range tailored for Audi enthusiasts.Focus on Audi bumper, front grille, steering wheel and other products to upgrade their appearance.

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We strive to effectively supply the parts you need, and Try to maintain the most reasonable price. We are knowledgeable Of employees are willing and eager to help you find the parts you need.

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    Quite simply, user reviews increase conversions. In fact, 61 percent of customers read online reviews

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    Quite simply, user reviews increase conversions. In fact, 61 percent of customers read online reviews

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